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5 Surprising Facts you didnt know about Keith MacKenchie

Meet Actor and Producer Keith MacKechnie ! Born May 31, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York, USA , middle name ‘Eugene’, Keith is known for his part in some of America’s Fav films with top rated Celebs. Keith has had a great part in America’s favorite Xmas comedy film, yes, it is what you think, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ( 1989)! Keith can also be seen in Moonlight in Vermont, a film with awesome actress Lacey Chabert  (2017).  These are two of the many things that Keith has worked on, you can check out his IMDB with over 90+ film credits here.

5 Surprising Facts you Didn’t Know about Keith MacKenchie!

1. His son is also an Actor.
Like father, like son! Keith MacKechnie has a son named Collin MacKechnie who has been in film since 2005

2.  He’s worked with Meghan Markle


Keith MacKenchie has worked with the Meghan herself pre-duchess mode in the 2014 film When Sparks Fly. Catch him as Charlie Peterson in the TV MOVIE

3. He’s Played a Variety of Different Roles

Talk about pulling a Johnny Depp X30 ! Keith has acted in almost every profession you can think of. He has been a Deputy, a Detective, an Interrogation Officer, a Virologist, a Coroner, a Janitor, a Principal, a Reporter, a Psychiatrist, an Agent, a Salesmen, a Passport Clerk, a Pilot, an Attorney, a Gas station attendant, a delivery boy, a Secret Service Martian, a Pizza Man, a Nerd, a Desk clerk and even Santa Claus!

4.  He was on 7TH Heaven

He was Dr. Peterson & Matt’s Boss on 7th Heaven! Episodes : Say Goodbye 1997 – Red Tape 1998 – Drunk Like me 1998- Johnny Get your Gun 1998- Life and Death Part 1 2003

5. He is on Virgin River 2020 TV Series

You can catch Keith playing the role of  Nick on the new 2020 TV SERIES VIRGIN RIVER!

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