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Dream Dictionary Teeth


October 24,2013

By Celebztreasure

Dream often have two meanings. Some might say that dreams are signs that your subconscious mind gives you. Some people look for signs in dreams to find out their direction in life. Others may see a dream and they watch it play out in 2 days.

Most People Dream of Teeth. Don’t feel held back that it may be too common, it actually has an important meaning to you itself.


To dream of Golden Teeth indicates much prosperity and wealth.

To Dream of painful gums,loo
se teeth, others teeth falling
out ¬†indicates a misfortunate death or a very bad accident. ¬†At this time you must stay reserved and not do anything that you wouldn’t do normally.

Broken Teeth mean that you have something very heavy on your shoulders, a plan may fail, and your enemies will try to destruct you.

To dream of stretching your teeth indicates that something is false in your life.

To Dream of White teeth indicates that you need to watch your current health.

To see someone steal your teeth indicates a person who is very envious of you.


Remember a dream is a warning and an outlook on the future. A dream is not set to stone, you have the power to change your future thats why you get a warning sign.


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What do you think of this?
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