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Meet Trending Actress Traei Tsai & Read Exclusive Interview about her latest films, book, and much more!

Meet actress, writer, and producer Traei Tsai. Her latest film has been trending across all top digital news sites on the net including The Guardian, Vancouver Sun, Ny Times, Ibtime, Hollywood Reporter and more! We had the chance to interview actress Traei Tsia exclusively here on CelebzTreasure, read full interview below:

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you based now?

Actress Traei Tsai

Traei T. -A:  I’m originally from Taipei, Taiwan and I’m based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Q: Traei, you certainly are having success in the film industry ! Who are your top 3 fav people in the industry you admire and that you want to work with with in the future ? 

Traei Tsai – Cannes Film Festival

Traei T. -A: Thank you so much!  I am truly appreciative of all the people, opportunities, and experiences.  It has been very interesting so far….I have to say my top fav people in the industry would Wong Kar-wai, the film director for “In The Mood For Love”, Ang Li for “Eat Drink Man and Woman”, recently the director from “Parasite”, Bong Joon-ho….AND M.Night Shyamalan from “The Sixth Sense”.  It would be a great honor to work with them…my fav outstanding actors are Kate Winslet, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Keanu Reeves.

Q: What do you love most about film making and what would you say motivates you and inspires you to be the best at your profession?

Traei T. -A: Growing up, I’ve always loved watching film.   My curiosity studied everything in detail and was fascinated by everything on screen!  Whether from concept to delivery….the 5 senses of when you see a film, the colors, fonts, the stories (how genuine and relatable), the wardrobe of characters, the voices and sounds – all the crew in front and behind the camera.  No outstanding film can happen without the entire team working together.  What motivates me is always keeping an open mind to expand and knowing and sticking with what your six sense tells you  Then when you are doing it, perform like this is your last performance.  Deliver with excellence with whatever you do in life.  In The “Corona Movie”, we did 70 takes non-stop.  There was no preparation for months before, but living and being you, becoming the character in one breath.  If you want to compare, think back to a stressful and significant day in your life….what time did you wake up, recount every single detail that happened that day.  What did you see, feel, smell, sense, and hear? Then, repeat this 70 times continuously, like a loop.  Replay, replay, and replay.  Those relational feelings can be drawn from intense memories, as in my short film, “Infinite 8”.  Our life every day, is in itself already a movie.

Q: As a professional actress, what kind of roles do you usually go for ( drama, comedy, crime, a little bit of all)?

Traei T. -A:  I have done drama in recent times and would love to do more comedy, crime, horror….I am open to explore beyond these limits.  I hope to be able to use my language skills and play different characters that speak not just English, such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese…etc.  It would be exciting to be a TV show host or be in a TV series. 

Q: Do you have any exciting new or finished projects you can share with us?

Traei T. -A: Yes.  I am excited to share about the recently released “Corona Movie” (available on Apple Itunes, Youtube, Microsoft, Google play…etc). 

I played the Asian actress in this film and it was a meaningful experience.  New York Times mentioned, the Corona movie is a “story addressing xenophobia and the pandemic” which was completed in February, this year, right before the start of full blown global pandemic due to Coronavirus.  No one knew how it could change the world completely and we are still going through a pandemic.This movie is a thriller but has layers of meaning as it explores “Chinese virus” discrimination (“Hollywood Reporter”). We may be of different skin colors and demographics but we are fundamentally the same, that we are human beings.  As the Vice-President of BC Minorities in Film & TV Society, our non-profit organization has advocated for diversity inclusion (BIPOC) in front and behind the camera, especially in this film, addressing Anti-racism.  I am grateful for the thriller entertainment portion in which we won an award at the Rhode Island Film Festival as well the societal historical values it holds because it has gained recognition and was recently shown at the Castello Di Rivoli (an UNESCO site, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rivoli, Italy).  Upcoming and in development – a very diverse comedy TV series about a foreign investor’s impact on society and his very colorful relations.

Q: Can you tell us something we may not know about you? Any hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time ?

Traei T. -A: I am currently working on my book project, “Her Stories Untold”. It’s a global book project on women uplifting women in sharing their journey in becoming whom they are today, especially under COVID-19.  I am passionate about contributing to causes that have layers of positive impact and if one person can benefit, it is already making a positive difference.  I love to paint too, so on my free time, I try to paint something that is symbolic and speaks to truths about life in different layers.  It was a great honor as my last painting “The Koi Mantra”, was officially selected for award by Miraban Art.  This painting shows the strength of life in femininity and masculinity from the Qing Dynasty period. I’m also a fashion model.  Vancouver, BC is a foodie town, and I am a foodie that loves to explore all types of cuisine and its history.

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow?

Traei T. -A:  Thank you for your time!  Please check out and follow me to see where life is taking us!