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Model and influencer with over 200k+ followers, Philip Fusco, confirms that he will be competing in Mister USA 2024! Philip is known for his work in the modeling industry, from walking the hottest runways to modeling for top fashion campaigns. Philip gave us confirmation that he will be competing in Mister USA!  Read below our official Q & A with Model & Influencer Philip Fusco to find out all the latest and more!

Q & A with Philip Fusco

Q. Philip, you have such a successful career in modeling, and now you are running for Mr. USA! Can you give us confirmation and more details on that?

Philip Fusco – A: Hey, thank you 🙂 . Yes, I will be in the Mr. USA competition representing the state of New Hampshire. I am extremely grateful to be part of such an amazing competition that is really so large. I want to thank everyone who got me to this place in the competition. I know that this platform will be able to help me reach so many more people to try to inspire them and help teach them that every goal that you set for yourself could be attainable with the right drive and motivation. I am currently a personal trainer, and I love inspiring and promoting health and happiness. I am hoping that this platform will help open up doors so I can assist and inspire more people.

Q. How are you preparing for Mr. USA?

Philip Fusco – A:I am working on my modeling poses and walks, as well as brushing up on questions. I am not doing many different things because I am always talking to fans and followers, offering little pieces of inspiration where possible, as well as helping to show them that they can accomplish anything they want as long as they put their mind to it.

Q. Are you looking forward to a specific segment in the show?

Philip Fusco – A:I am looking forward to the walks and questions. I love a challenge as well as problem solving, so I am excited to hear what the judges ask me.

Q. How do you stay motivated and focused in competitive environments? 

Philip Fusco – A:I just always try to better myself every day, but at the same time, I always tell myself that there is always room for improvement. I just mainly keep motivated by my fans, followers, family, and friends. They push me every day in some way to want to do better.

Q. Aside from competing in Mr. USA, can you share any other projects you are working on?

Philip Fusco – A: Currently, I am just working on modeling and my personal training. Recently, I started life coaching as well. That really makes me happy because I am always looking for different ways in which i could assist people who come to me with some sort of problem or question.

Q. Any inspiring words for anyone who is following their passion in life ? 

Philip Fusco – A: I think following your own passion is the best possible thing that you can do. My words for inspiration would be to never quit, always be willing to listen and learn from others, and give it 100% of your effort. You will get to your goal as long as you keep pressing on.

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