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Freeze Too Cold is one of the hottest musical artists on the rise in the entertainment industry. Writing his own songs and releasing great music has been liked by audiences around the world and earned over 100k streams! Read our Exclusive Interview Below with Rapper Freeze Too Cold :

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Freeze Too Cold – A: I’m originally from West Los Angeles, California born and raised. I’ve recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2020 to further pursue my career.

Q: Freeze Too Cold, how did you get started in the music industry?

Freeze to Cold

Freeze Too Cold – A: I grew up in a dysfunctional unstable household yet still loving and I wasn’t very outspoken I felt unheard so when I was a child I always wanted to entertain but didn’t know in what way I just knew I wanted to be a star so I started writing music at 12 years old and I’ve been grinding ever since.

Q: Who is one of your fav artists in the music industry that has inspired your professional talent career or that you want to collab with in the future? 

Freeze to Cold

Freeze Too Cold – A: Nipsey Hussle is definitely my favorite artist he’s from my city and has been a humanitarian for Los Angeles and a huge inspiration to my career and in my life as an African American man in America, he tells a story of his life and can relate to anyone from anywhere who’s struggled and just wants to be something in life and his spirit will live through me.

Q: Can you share with us something people may not know about you? Any hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time aside from music ?

Freeze to Cold

Freeze Too Cold – A: I am very fond of snare drum I play by sound sometimes, I freestyle most of my songs on the mic. I’ve been an athlete my whole life I played football and basketball growing up and in high school. I love to help people and just all around be a great person in this life GOD has blessed me, I also love to cook creatively without any expectation just the experience for me is what matters.

Q: What are some projects that you’ve just wrapped up recently or that you’re currently working on now? 

Freeze Too Cold – A: I’m working on my latest EP Cold World -2 a sequel to my Cold World EP I released last year in late August 2020 just fun and more creative juices spilling from my soul. Also putting together my first full Album, Get Ready for the Cold Accepting different beats for selection.

Freeze to Cold music

What are your Official Social Sites we can follow?

Freeze Too Cold – A: All music platforms iTunes, Spotify, videos on YouTube

Follow on IG @freezetoocold