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Your free tarot scope for June 2013 



King of Pentacles

This card indicates a male figure in your life. Be careful which person(s) you trust. You may be caught in between 2 situations, one which will benefit you very much and the other which will do the opposite. Trust  and discipline yourself and you will make the right decision. Someone may help you or guide you with a project at this time. This card also indicates a raise or a promotion.


The World

This card indicates that you will have good news and adventurous travels. You will meet someone on a trip if you are single. If you are in a relationship, your love life will reach another favorable extreme.


Theme of The Month:

Aeon – Rebirth

This card indicates that you all of your past events and actions have led you to this point of life. You must learn how to forgive this month. Forgiving and putting the past behind will set you free. You will make a smart decision that will give you much insight on a particular situation.


Son of Cups

A great time for love. You may meet someone by going to an event or a job opportunity. This person will have a deep connection with you. However, this person might be confused about life. Not knowing which way to go, but he will surely find you. A romance is soon to come.


Theme of The Month:

Seven of Wands

This month you may find yourself very determined. All of your hard work will pay off. You will need to look within yourself and find that spark of courage. Courage will make you victorious this month. You may have a better advantage in a certain situation, take control of that. If an opportunity comes this month don’t be afraid to grasp it. Stay determined, never give up and you will receive what you desire.


Six of Swords

You may have had a bad relationship in the past or are going through a bad relationship in the present. This month you will find yourself resolving may issues in your love life. You are prepared to remove whats unneeded and better yourself. Don’t be afraid to take actions. You are ready for a new start, a fresh beginning. A journey will give you much needed clarity.


The Fool

This Month is all about new and joyous beginnings. You will be following your heart and taking little notice of consequences. . An unexpected event will occupy you throughout the month. You may go on a small trip or change a permeant aspect of your life. This may be a residence change or a career change.


Four of Cups REVERSED

Cancer, you may have been feeling really lonely lately.This month expect new opportunities opening up in your love life. You will meet a stranger which may lead to a love interest. However, it will be up to you if you would like to peruse him/her.

See you in August!


The Hierophant

Leo, this month for you will be about tradition.You will do your best to keep your morals safe. This month you will be surrounded by education or family matters. Try to exercise or meditate to release all your stress.



Leo, this isn’t a good time for love. You may find yourself falling into depression,addiction,greed, or temptation. You seem to be hooked on an unhealthy obsession. Try to build yourself again before you start fresh. Taking 2 steps forward and one step back will help you in your situation. Try to discipline yourself this month.


Eight of Swords REVERSED

Virgo, this month is about progress, learning, and clarity. You will learn from your past mistakes and move forward.

By overcoming a big obstacle in your life, you will get an enormous amount of clarity. You must be careful not to strain your mind too much. Learn how to keep a balance between career and free time.


Seven of Swords REVERSED

Virgo, this month you may notice a lot of gossip and rumors. Try to avoid small things that will bother you. Don’t follow the crowed, as some people in it may have mean intentions. Keep you self in check and don’t let other peoples words get to you. By doing this you will blow away that hazy fog from your love life and see the light ahead.


Six of Wands

Libra, this is a very positive month for you. If you have completed a project or a near completing one you will without a doubt be acknowledged. You will find yourself reaching a better and higher status in society. Your hard work has finally paid off. This month you will love yourself and your present position in life.


Ace of Cups

Libra, you may be taking your relationship to the next level this month. You will feel the love and peace in the air surrounding you. A relationship formed around March, April, or May will come into the picture again. Great things are in store for you, enjoy the present and think less about the future!


The Tower Reversed

Scorpio, you must be very careful the way you release your emotions this month. Upsetting news may give you a rude awaking.

Try to maintain yourself and your energy. Remember that when you fall, you must always get up again.


Ten of Cups

Scorpio, you will be reconnected with someone from your past this month. A previous romantic relationship may begin again. You will be very aware of your emotions and surroundings. This relationship will bring you much peace and stability.


Five of Cups REVERSED

Sagittarius, you may have had something unfavorable happen that you deeply regret. This month will give you a second chance to make things better.  Past friends will come into your life again.  Clarity and hope will enter your present. This is a time of recovery and redemption.


Eight of Cups REVERSED

Sagittarius, you will overcome your previous relationships this month. Old feelings will be released. You will be connected with your true inner self, and that will lead you into the right direction love wise.


Six of Stones

Capricorn, this month you will receive what you most desired. Remember when you receive your gift, never forget the joy you had for it in the past. A month of success, spirituality, wealth, and happiness is in store for you!


Ace of Wands

Capricorn, you will form a new relationship in June, July, or August. This will be a very favorable romantic relationship. This new relationship will fill your world with creativity, abundance, love, and determination.



Aquarius, this month is about balance and equality. Your voice will be heard, so don’t be afraid to take a stand. Never doubt yourself and always speak from your heart. If you are dealing with any legal matters this month you will have a favorable outcome.


Aquarius, you may’ve been feeling restless from your love life. Drained at times. This month is a great time to collect yourself. You must take a break from relationships and restore your energy. Take things slow and find peace within yourself before getting into a relationship.


Four of Pentacles

Pisces, this will be a great month for you. This month is all about power, determination, creativity, and earning your respect. One of your must desired wishes will be fulfilled, as you have the universe on your side. You will earn a respected position in society and you will learn that everyone is connected in someway.


Pisces, you will find balance in your relationships this month. Don’t be afraid to speak out about something if you feel the need too.

Be honest, open, calm, and balanced.