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Tweet to Casting Directors

Danielle Eskinazi

If you want to get cast in commercials, you have to check out Danielle Eskinazi’s Twitter. Nike, Toyota, Bud Light, and McDonald’s are some few of the many brands she casts in!

Carmen Cuba

She was the casting director in movie hits like “Stranger Things,” “Magic Mike,” and “The Martian,” Carmen Cuba cast spells…on Twitter.

ABC Casting

More than most networks, ABC Casting is incredibly active on Twitter, posting casting news about their shows and workshops and contests for burgeoning actors and writers to join. Follow them for opportunities to become involved with ABC. ↑ Back to top

David Rapaport

This casting director casts supernatural and superhuman multi million dollar hollywood films blasting the box office each year!

Marci Liroff

Marci is a director FAV! She casts movies for directors Stephen Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and Christopher Nolan!

Russell Boast

The current president of the Casting Society of America and casting director for Manwiller/Boast.