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Brandon Hunter is a pro model and actor. Brandon has appeared in multiple fashion campaigns for top brands and known for capture the eye in the fashion industry with his look while also keeping a healthy outlook on fitness! Read below our exclusive Q & A with Model and Actor Brandon!

Q: Where are you originally from, and where are you currently located now? 

Brandon Hunter – A: I’m originally from Reno, NV, and currently living in NYC.

Q: As a professional model, what do you love most about modeling and the fashion industry? 

brandon hunter

Brandon Hunter – A: The people, energy, creativity, and diversity within the fashion industry truly captivate me. From expressing different styles on the runway to collaborating with talented designers, I love the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of modeling. 

Q: How would you describe your style off the runway? 

Brandon Hunter – A: My style off the runway is predominantly athleisure-based and casual. 

 Q: Do you have a top 3 selection of favorite designers that you admire and want to work with in the business? 

Brandon Hunter – A: If I had to choose three… Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana. 

Q: Share with us something people may not know about you. What hobbies or other secret talents do you have in your spare time? 

Brandon Hunter – A:  – I’m a pending polyglot, currently learning to be fluent in Samoan & Spanish. 

– A secret talent of mine is I used to be a barber and cut hair for some of the guys on the football team in college. 

– I teach kids tennis, pickleball, and track/field events. 

– I’m into table tennis. 

– I’m avid in hiking, cycling, and swimming. 

– I have good geographical knowledge. 

Q: Do you have any new or recently finished projects? 

Brandon Hunter – A: I’ve recently completed a project with Kenneth Cole, Armour Philadelphia sportswear, Period magazine, Perfect Man magazine, Berml jewelry, and the Members Only fashion show.  And I’m now represented for tv commercials in Los Angeles in addition to my worldwide rep I’ve had from the beginning. 

Q: What are your official social sites on the web that we can follow? 

Brandon Hunter – A: You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @brandonkvhunter For inquiries and bookings, visit