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Jack Rasmussen is a rising actor in the entertainment industry and an accredited author. Jack’s first two nonfiction books have earned great recognition from some of the most respected, including the 14th Dalai Lama, elite chefs, media personalities like Carla Hall, and lifestyle leaders. In film, Jack has four projects he is starring in that are currently in post-production status, according to IMDb. Read below our exclusive Q&A to find out more about American Actor Jack Rasmussen! 

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Actor Jack Rasmussen

Jack Rasmussen – A: I am from Los Gatos, California (a small town in Northern California). I was born and raised there, so I grew up around big technology companies and competition in Silicon Valley. I now split my time between Avila Beach and Los Angeles. I have spent most of my life in California, besides a brief stint teaching English in Taiwan for a year. I went to school in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California and graduated in 2022. I plan to have a base in Southern California my whole life, but I love to travel. 

Q:  As a rising actor, what motivates and inspires you to be the best at your profession, and what do you love most about acting?

Jack Rasmussen – A: I love the unpredictability and challenge of acting. Working with some coaches and directors throughout the past couple of years, I have come to enjoy the details hidden within a script. I usually love analyzing and understanding people and their wants and needs; acting is another form of doing that. The vulnerability and humaneness of thinking the thoughts of another for someone else is captivating. A story has the power to change the course of someone’s life forever by implanting a cornerstone memory or a directive memory, cementing a new habit or new way of thinking. A film’s lasting weight is immeasurable. It is exciting and enjoyable to be on a set. 

Q: Do you have a top three favorite actors, filmmakers, or directors with whom you want to work in the business?

Jack Rasmussen – A: I have always been drawn to Meryl Streep, Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan. I am usually drawn to dark, quirky, and unusual themes exploring existentialism, deception, revenge, etc. They are fearless in crossing the line to instill the true meaning behind a brooding character. I like it when a piece of art makes you ponder tirelessly or makes you try on a funny accent. It would be fun to be on set with them. 

Q: What is your favorite genre in your roles (Drama, Comedy, Crime, Action, a little bit of all)?

Jack Rasmussen – A: I like all of them because they are all interrelated in my eyes. I would love to do drama, but I also love comedy. Every horror film is a comedy until someone dies, and every action film is a comedy until a fight scene. I enjoy the dramedy because it blends humor and emotion with grounded characters. I enjoy comedy because I like to laugh; if humans did not laugh, we would not live as long as we do. 

Q: Can you share something people may not know about you? Do you like to do any hobbies or other secret talents in your spare time?

Jack Rasmussen – A: I am a writer. I enjoy writing, researching, and teaching. I am also learning more about music and different languages. I enjoy magic, sports, and the beach. In my free time, I like to read and meditate. I have two best-selling nonfiction books on food and spirituality, and I plan to write more in the future, either in full-length books or shorter forms. 

Q: What projects have you just wrapped up recently, or are you working on? 

Jack Rasmussen – A: I did a short in which I played a mentally ill crime solver and a music video for a song called “Irish Goodbye.” I also recently wrapped up a commercial for Trojan Brand Condoms and Rise of Kingdoms and a Diamond commercial. To help with brand content, I worked with Nissin Chow Mein and Chili’s this spring. I am working on character acting and diving deeper into particular personas.

Q: What are your official social sites on the web we can follow? 

Official Website:

Instagram: @razz5

Linkedin: @razz5

Facebook: @jackrazzHQ

X/Twitter: @AuthorJackHQ

Youtube: @jackrazz

Vimeo: @jackrazz

Spotify: @jackrazz

Snapchat: @razzsherm44