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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Get to Know PRO Writer & The Author of the Book ‘MIXED BUSINESS’ LIVVY ZOE!

Livvy Zoe is a professional screenplay writer and author with an amazing romance novel out called ‘Mixed Business’ that is being loved by critics and receiving 5 star reviews. This amazing tale filled with deception, love, and romance, is available now. Read our exclusive interview below with Author Livvy Zoe:

 Q: Share with us a little background about yourself, where are you from and where are you located on the map now? 

Livvy Zoe – A: I was a military child so, I don’t affiliate ‘home’ in one specific area. Even when we were stationed at a military base, we traveled a lot. I grew up in Texas, Hawaii,Georgia, and DC. I remember Georgia because it was our last duty station. However, since my family is from DC, we traveled up and down Interstate 95 so much that I learned how to navigate the distance and time using landmarks. Even today, I don’t use street signs to navigate. I do better using landmarks as directions (eg. turn at the red barn up the road, look for the Hardee’s and make a right, etc.)I have recently moved from Charlottesville, VA, back to Georgia. I guess, you could say that I’ve come full circle.

Q: As a professional author, what personally motivates you and inspires you to be the best at your profession? Also, do you have a favorite genre in writing? 

Livvy Zoe – A: As a child, I wrote to entertain my sisters or myself. I would re-imagine the end of a movie or story that I’d read and write it out an alternate ending or section of the book. I’ve always had stories running around in my head—I still do. Now, I write stories that I want to read. And, I have a passion for grammar and punctuation. I love playing around with the rules that govern language and figuring out what words to put together to create the images that spark the imagination to put the reader into my realm. My goal (or inspiration) is to transport you into the story and keep you riveted until the end.

What I read and write are different genres. What I read: Science fiction, suspense, action, and horror. What I write: Romance. 

Livvy Zoe – A: Recently, I have begun writing screenplays and have written Mixed Business as such. It’s challenging to re-imagine a story that I’ve written into a format that is created for visual representation. I’m dabbling in suspense and supernatural in these formats. 

Q: You are the author of the book Mixed Business (beautiful cover and intriguing title). Just by reading the first few pages, it definitely draws you in to read much more! Share with us some more on what the book is about, the main characters and genre? 

Livvy Zoe – A: Mixed Business is a contemporary romance novel with a touch of adventure. Welcome to the mind of Nora, a self-conscious, but resourceful business executive that takes on a new position at her old job.  New job title—check! 

New responsibilities—Bring it on!

New pay—Definite bonus!

New boss—Whoa! Whoa!

For this work-a-holic, her instant attraction to Sherman, her new boss, is going to be a problem. Not to mention, the hidden threats involving her job. Enjoy the fast-paced story set from the point of view of Nora.

Q: Can you give us an exclusive quote from the book Mixed Business?

Livvy Zoe – A:I love this quote. It’s a vague, but it describes Nora and the essence of the book in one sentence:

“I am the complete opposite. Clumsy and very faze-able, my world came unglued at the first sign of a hangnail.”

Q: Where can purchase the book online and what are your official social sites on the web we can follow? 

Livvy Zoe – A:  Books can be purchased via e-book, Kindle, and paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Apple. Soon to be on Audible

You can also purchase a copy, follow me, and check out my blog at

Twitter, IG, and Facebook: itslivvyzoe