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Exclusive Interview with Roland Page Author of the Alluring Book EATING THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT

Roland Page is a successful author with multiple projects in the works, but today we are diving deep into his amazing and inspiring background life story that led him to write the book called EATING THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT. Roland’s book is available at all major book outlets.


To get to know more about Roland, we had the chance to do an exclusive interview here on CelebzTreasure with Author Roland Page himself. Read below:

Q: Share with us a little background about yourself, where are you from and where are you located on the map now? 

Author Roland Page

R.P -A: I’m a resident of St. Louis Mo. My family retired here from the U.S Army therefore I planted my roots here establishing my legacy. However, I embrace my parents culture from Osaka Japan (mother) and father Black Puerto Rican. I love coming a diverse household even though I identify being African American. My multicultural background has been an asset for my business. Our company is Pearl Enterprise which umbrellas Black Pearl Tattoo Gallery, LaRose Bar & Grill, Tipsy Treats /Sober Sweets Bakery, and PAGE Development (Real Estate)Most importantly I am a father, husband, and humble man wishing to share my story.

Q: What inspired you be an author and kind genre do you write about?

R.P -A: My mother ascended two years ago. She requested I share the truth about my story. The media portrayed me as a menace to society, so I wanted to set the record straight. Also, I am a Lupus Warrior. Losing my mother, I spiraled into a deep depression I needed mental distraction. Writing about my past life resurrected good memories about my family. Additionally I leaving a story for my generation to come to have.

Q: You have a book out called EATING THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT  ( the title already makes you curious to read more), tell us, what is the book about? 

R.P -A: Its loosely based on my former career as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal drug crimes due to my childhood affiliation. Mind you that does sound horrible however there are elements people should hear that only came out in court. Say for instance if I did not intervene in my case two of my friends would have killed each other under the assumption both were snitching on each other. It was provoked by a narcotics agent who later coerced a relative of mine to set me up. Yet I blame myself for falling victim. Law enforcement are held to a higher standard and mind you before becoming a cop I indulged in unsavory acts. Just never caught. Karma becoming to bite me. I label it fiction changing some ingredients to maintain the respect and privacy of involved characters. 

Q: Can you give us an exclusive quote from the book?

roland page
Exclusive Quote by Author Roland Page

R.P – A: “Some curses bring blessings to your doorstep” and “The reality of my nightmare set in. Just hours earlier I was booking in a suspect only to be booked in by the Feds a few hours later.”

Q: What are the links we can purchase the book online? 

R.P -A: My website has all that info, visuals, media handles, and excerpts. Even info on my tattoo company.  Go to or  It’s in major retailers ie Barnes & Noble, Walmart,..

Q: Do you have any other projects currently in the works?

R.P -A: Yes I do I have two more novels cocked and ready to let loose once I’m done riding “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” out. They are titled “Skin Deep” (Based on the drama in the Tattoo industry)and “Walking the Purple Road” (my near death battle with Lupus and how family love brought me back to recovery).