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How to Exfoliate your skin

How to Exfoliate your skin step by step
What Exfoliating does: 
By exfoliating your skin you will remove all harmful bacteria,oils and dead skin cells from your skin. 
Dead skin cells clog pores and prevent your daily face wash to get into your skin and have an effect. By exfoliating on a regular
basis you will remove acne and achieve natural fresh glowing skin. 
Best items for exfoliating you’ll need:¬†
Exfoliating gloves ( available in different fun colors)  or 
Body Brush 
Body Lotion 
Exfoliating cleanser 
Step 1 
Before getting into the shower, brush your skin with a Loofah. 
Step 2 
Apply a perfect amount of your exfoliating cleanser to the Loofah and begin scrubbing your body 
in a circular motion. 
Step 3 
Remember to Exfoliate everywhere! Star from the bottom and go up! 
Step  4
Rinse your body with warm water first then tweak the heat and make the water cooler. 
Step 5 
Step out of the shower and pat your skin dry. Then apply your desired body moisturizer to hydrate your
Things to keep in mind:
Never Exfoliate on cut,irritated, or sunburnt skin.
If you have acne, avoid all heavy gels and thick cleansers. 
Try acne cleansers. 
Never use a sponge to exfoliate. 
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