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EXCLUSIVE: Award-Winning Feature Film Road to Terzetto starring Eddie Vincent, Sean McNabb & Kevin Sinic released on Amazon Prime!

Road to Terzetto is the latest feature film making a huge buzz in the film festival circuits with 18 wins, 6 nominations, and counting!  The film was recently released on April 5, 2024, and is now officially available on Amazon Prime.

Road to Terzetto was directed and co-written by Brian Shkati, starring Eddie Vincent (co-producer, co-writer), and Sean McNabb (co-producer-co-writer).

The Leading Cast:

Eddie Vincent as Johnny Z

Actor and Producer of Free Falling Productions Eddie Vincent stars as the role of Johnny Z in the film.  Eddie Vincent is a Chicago-born actor and a graduate of Columbia College of the Arts who is known for his roles in Jason-Chaper 1, Waiting on a Friend, Madison Crush, The Coroner, Modern Mafia, and Momento.

Sean McNabb as Linc

sean mcnabb

American Actor, Musician, and Producer Sean McNabb takes on the role of Linc in the film. Sean McNabb is known for his work in the film industry starring in many quality productions, including the popular biker series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ on FX. Sean Mcnabb is also an accomplished musician with over 50 CD’s in his discography, including being apart of the hottest heavy metal bands like Quiet Riot, Dokken, House of Lords, Great White, Queensrÿche, Montrose and more.

Kevin Sinic as Bobby

Actor Kevin Sync plays the role of Bobby in the film. Kevin is an Austrian-born actor known for his lead role in ‘Reveille’, a 46+ award-winning feature film, and co-starring in the TV- series ‘Goliath’, opposite Billy Bob Thornton.

Some notable cast members also include Hollywood actor Jack McGee, known for appearing in more than 100+ films and television series.  Actor Chris Bruno known for his role in The Way Back, opposite Ben Affleck. Watch the exclusive interview and more cast info on IMDB.

Journey on the Road to Terzetto

The film takes the viewers on a journey following the lives of three brothers ( Johnny, Linc, and Bobby) who never met each other and are getting a surprise inheritance from their estranged father, bringing them together. On the journey to their inheritance, they discover the hidden meaning of what the Road to Terzetto is all about.

Official Trailer