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Exclusive Insider: Magda Fuskova of GAT Talent Management & GAT Studios!

GAT Talent Management and GAT Studios is making a big impression with their talent in the Hollywood entertainment industry and Internationally! Find out more about GAT Talent Management and read below as we have an exclusive interview with the CEO of GAT Management & GAT Studios – Magda Fuskova!

Q: Can you share with us some more info about GAT Management and what kind of talent the firm represents?

David Puskas, Represented By GAT Management

Magda Fuskova- A: GAT Management is an international management company representing mainly actors, but also writers and influencers. GAT has connections all around the world and that gives the opportunity to submit actors not just to their original country, but way beyond.

Actress  Brennan Hunt
Actor Brian Caspe Represented By GAT Management
Nick Avila
Actor Nick Avila
Actor Tony Masek Represented By GAT Management

Q: GAT Management represents a very well known international actor Karel Roden? What has your experience been like working with him?

Magda Fuskova- A: Karel Roden is one of the most talented actors I have seen. He is born with such a charisma and it is a big honor to work with him. He is also an incredible person. One of my goals regarding my company is getting him again in the biggest movies made in the US.

Q: GAT Studios and Productions is another successful establishment impressing the entertainment industry.  Can you give us the latest insider info on what GAT Studios has underway?

Magda Fuskova- A: GAT Studios and Productions provides exclusive and professional photo, video, sound and production of any kind. We cooperate with the biggest and best names and are proud of our results, quality and satisfied clients. Our services range from headshots, lifestyle pictures, real estate, commercials to shooting scenes for actors reels and even entire movies. 

Q: How would you explain your year in one word?

Magda Fuskova- A: Progress and exciting would be two expressions.

Q: Can you share with us any other exclusive news? 

Actress Maria Darkina

A: There is some new cooperation and expansion in the talks at the moment, but I would prefer to keep that as a secret for now.

Q: What are your official social sites we can follow?


IG @gatmanagement

IG @gat_studios

Cover Photo Credit: Oscar Zagal