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Tips to Prevent Aging

7 Tips to Prevent Aging
1. Have 1 glass of Red Wine once a day.  This is an old European tradition that is still being used by women all over the world till this day. One glass of wine is good for your blood and keeps your blood flowing!
2. Wear Sunscreen. Too much sun exposure can cause extreme damage on skin. Being in the sun for too long can cause dryness, wrinkles, and uneven tones. Wearing a Vitamin D SPF15 + sunscreen is crucial!
3.  Avoid Smoking. One cigarette = 4,000+ toxins, causing less oxygen and blood flow to the top layon of your skin.
4. Take Care of your skin. Wash your skin every night ! Never sleep with your make up on overnight. By exfoliating every night you will prevent clogged pores,dryness,and skin irritation.
5. Get a Facial 2 times a month. Allow your self to relax by getting a healthy facial of your choice 2 times a month. This promote glowing and healthy skin.
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6. Exercise. Exercise stimulates blood circulation and increases oxygen levels.  Make yourself a regular exercising schedule and stick to it! You will feel better and you will look better!
7. Detoxify 2 times a year. Go on a liquid diet and stop taking any caffeine, tabacco, junk food, vodka,liquor, bread, and sweets.