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EXCLUSIVE with Sophie Felix Owner of HBM Talent !

Sophie Felix is a successful entrepreneur and respected CEO of HBM Talent & Management. Sophie has amazing artists she rep’s. Read below our exclusive Q & A with Sophie Felix!

Check out below our exclusive interview with Sophie Felix:

Q: Sophie, you are certainly making your mark with great accomplishments in the film industry as CEO of HBM Talent & Mgmt! Give us some background, where are you originally from and where are you currently now on the map ?

 Sophie Felix

Sophie F. – A: My home base and HBM Talent office is in San Diego, California. I work mobile and my company does business primarily in Los Angeles, NYC, Las Vegas, London, Milan and Switzerland. So depending on what projects we are working on is where I’m at. I usually like to be on set with my clients if it’s here in the USA. I just wrapped up projects in Vegas and LA this summer and we’re booked to start production in SoHo in NYC so I’ll be heading to the East Coast next. HBM Talent is working on the ‘Fight For Equality Through Fashion’ campaign along with DK Shin, model Philip Fusco and celeb fashion stylist Sylvio NYC. The purpose is to highlight and introduce new fashion while promoting positive messages of equality for all people worldwide.

Q: The movie business is certainly an exciting industry, what would you say drew you to the Industry and how would you summarize your daily work activities?

sophie felix of hmb talent

Sophie F. – A: It’s really exciting. I was drawn to the industry in 2015 after working on my first commercial project with one of my good friends and associates named Joseph Cinemato. Together we filmed and he produced my commercial made for one of my charities that won us a Telly Award. After that achievement I started repping more clients who were professional actors so I had to get more established in the industry. I realized the importance of having a strong presence and I have always been fascinated by how you can communicate and inspire others through stories, videos and movies. My daily work activities vary but mostly filled with A LOT of meetings. I have clients international now so I have to be available at certain times. Half the day is business conference calls or in person meetings and I usually schedule the other half to do self care, mediation or workout. I like to keep myself balanced and healthy, as long as I have my coffee in the morning I’m good.

Q: As a talent rep you work with many actors, but what do you look for when finding new talent to represent, is there a certain ‘it’ factor? Can you share with us any new talent you’re representing?

Sophie F. – A: Definitely their personality, drive and ambition. I look for the ones who stand out but are still real with theirselves and their values. I work well with talent who are open to being re-branded because I usually do some slight re-branding before I sign them. They have to have amazingly strong personalities and able to handle any work or pressure I give them. Usually my intuition will let me know right away if they have the ‘it’ factor and we connect right away naturally because we both love what we do. I love working with talent who are funny behind the scenes, we usually are laughing a lot but on a serious note the main quality I need to see without asking is confidence. I will not work with someone if they don’t have full confidence, it’s a huge deal breaker for me. Some of my clients I rep who have the most confidence I’ve seen professionally are Philip Fusco in NYC, Marek Litchtenberg in London, Robert Smith III in Los Angeles and Alan Fernando Villars and Mikael De Franceschi who are both based in Switzerland. I’m also working on brand management and PR for a very successful female entrepreneur named Shawna B who’s also a celebrity real estate agent.

Q: On a much more personal note, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time when you are not booking film roles or making business deals?

Sophie F. – A: I enjoy visiting the beach with my family and friends, getting in food comas at my favorite restaurants or staying home to nap and watch funny movies. I love to go to one my hideout locations for self care days. I sometimes go to a special location it’s a house on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean where I don’t have service and can just re-set. The clouds roll up after sunset and you feel like you are in the clouds it’s beautiful. I love to listen to music like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Odeza, Tame Impala, Wiz Khalifa or Sade. I like to get my makeup done and dress up to host tea parties or dinner parties for my girls. Recently I started horse back riding lessons and I’m a big fan. Something I enjoy most when I have spare time is working on my non-profit charity projects that helps others. I’m Southern California Chapter President of America’s Children of Fallen Heroes and Co-Founder of ICBWA 

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow?

Sophie F. – A: IG: @hbm_talent FB: HBM Talent & Management