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Meet Hollywood actor Glenn Lawrence. He is built, toned, and has the look of some of Hollywoods Top A  Lister’s starring in record breaking box office action hits.
That’s our impression, but we had the chance to directly interview Glenn and get the chance to know him. Read below the exclusive interview with actor Glenn Lawrence.

1.Q: Where are you originally from? 

G.L –A: Funny thing is I was born in Hollywood right here.

2.Q: You have a strong action type of look, who are your favorite actors & directors you would want to work with in the industry?

G.L –A: I’m a real huge fan of Gerard Butler Denzel Washington Bruce Willis

3.Q: When have you started acting and what led you to the industry?

G.L – A: So I originally set out to this career backing back in high school and I got excepted to a small performing arts college but 911 happened and I made another decision and chose to join the Air Force and defend our country and thought I would be able to get back to my dreams after that time in the service but setbacks came in and of being a father and husband had to take care of the family life and now I am a disabled veteran I’ve been able to Finally go after my dreams and goals.

4.Q: Do you have any other secret talents or passions you do in your spare time?

G.L – A: I like to rap and I do pretty good. Also I like to write poetry.

5. Q: How can we follow you online?

G.L – A: You can find me on Instagram @glenn_lawrence_presents twitter @mrglennlawrence

6. Q: Is there any quote or saying or motto you live your life by?

G.L – A: You only got two choices in this life either can make moves or make excuses your choice.