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Rady Panov on the Red Carpet

Actor Rady Panov, 27, ( full name Radoslav Serafimov Panov), was born in Bulgaria and moved to Canada at a young age. Rady was interested in theater at the age of 9 and started to purse drama.  Since then he has kept on with the dream and has become very successful in the industry. Rady has is share of skills in photography and editing film as well, making him talented and technically knowledgeable about the craft.



What are Rady’s Favorite Directors?

The amazing Denis Villeneuve and Boots Riley.

What we’ve learned about Rady?

He believes that everyone should open their hearts and practice acting!

Where have you seen Rady on?

You may have seen him playing Derek on ‘Girl Fight’ a Crime /Drama Tv Series Currently trending on IMDB!

Where can we see more of Rady Panov’s Films?

Keep up with Rady on his Official IMDB page featuring his latest projects and clips: