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Tori Boltwood is a multi-talented singer, actress and artist. Passionate about her music and endlessly creating more in her craft, Tori is truly a unique and rising artist in the entertainment industry! Read below our exclusive interview with Tori Boltwood:

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you based now?

Tori Boltwood

Tori Boltwood – A: I was born and raised on the Southwest coast of Florida. I moved to Fort Worth Texas about five years ago and it is where I am currently based and exploring the musical/acting scene . I went to a charter art school in Florida through 6th-12th grade and focused on studying art/performance/ musical theater. I continued studying musical theater in college.  It was in Texas where my independent music journey began in 2020.  I give credit to my home state of Florida for being where I stumbled headfirst into my love affair for music and performing . My years of theater influence growing up has in many ways shaped the music I make today. You can’t listen to one of my songs and not feel the influence of my musical theater past woven into the heart of its lyrics.

Q:  Tori, you are a rising star in the music industry and in the film industry with a breakout role in a new TV series this fall …!What motivates you and inspires you to be the best at your profession and do you have a top 3 favorite actors, artist, or directors that you want to work with in the business?

Tori Boltwood – A:  I believe we are all stars shining in life’s sky and we just must find a way to give our starlight the time and space it needs to shine brightly for others to see.

As for my motivation and inspiration, I was fortunate to have been raised in a way that taught me to have love and respect for all the different expressions of art. This motivated me to always be open minded and try many different forms of being creative. I think this has helped me to be a well-rounded being when it comes to the creative process and helped me to understand that I should focus at being my best in any endeavor or profession I chose to pursue. There are so many amazing talented people that grace this world. You can’t live your life in my opinion trying to “best” others ..that just creates instability in the creative community. If we are all putting in the work and devotion to be the best, we can be for ourselves and uplifting others in that process (to do the same) then we create a better presence for our art and a better legacy to leave behind for the creatives that come after us. I am inspired and motivated by that desire to create things that enriches this world and helps keep “art” the beautiful and diverse collage of talents it truly is (and was meant to be.)

Regarding my top 3 actors/artists? This list is too long and has too many different categories for me to choose only three!  But I will try and give you as short a list as I can manage lol .

Some of my top older male actors are Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Matthew McConaughey , Eddie Redmayne, and Taron Egerton .

Also, I feel it’s vital to mention that even though he was sadly taken from us and taken far too soon … Chadwick Boseman was a brilliant talent and was a huge part of making cinematic masterpieces such as the Black Panther series. I am sad he no longer can grace this world with his talents, but I am so thankful we have immortalized pieces of his bright artistic light in his movies. .

 My top Younger male actors are Tom Holland , Nicholas Hoult and I have also been even more impressed with the recent cinematic works of Zac Efron.

Top female older actors are Julie Andrews, Meryl Streep , Sandra Bullock, and I could not fail to mention Sigourney Weaver because my twin brother grew up with a love for the Alien Series .

Top younger female actors are Saoirse Ronan, Hailee Steinfeld and Zendya who in my opinion has really shown in the last few years how she is talented in any acting setting, whether it be lighthearted or extremely complex and deep as in her stunning job as Rue in Euphoria . Also, though I have only viewed her talents in one show… Phoebe Waller-Bridge was outstanding in

Fleabag and more impressive than her acting, I am also so inspired that she wrote , produced, and starred in Fleabag.

To me these above actors are either actors that have helped shape the industry into what it is today or, are the actors that will be the talents that will shape the industry and craft for the next decades to come.

 I am also always being moved musically by the artists of today that stand in their originality. Artists that make the choice to be true to their individuality even if it separates them from “mainstream music.” Some of my favorite new Music Artists are Faouzia , Isak Danielson, Hearts and Colors, We Three , Alec Benjamin and Alessia Cara . All these artists have really risen in music’s public eye. Many of these, I have followed and listened to their musical magic since very early on in their music careers. All of them have outstanding skills with lyric writing which is very important to me. Yet, most of their original sounds continue to influence and inspire me daily .  For me, they all have talents and voices that are timeless and truly transcend music genres. I want to be an artist that defines herself and is never defined by the industry or, falls into just one category or metaphorical “box” musically. The artist I listed here shows me that it is possible. They influence me to hopefully one day be able to help others believe in their own ability to be an original.

Regarding directors, I am not as educated on that industry segment as I would like to be.  I could google top ten directors and pick a few of those names from the list but? That would be too easy and unauthentic.  I think like many others in my generation,  I tend to have my attention drawn more to the actors and the finished film/show/project. In that way I think we tend to overlook the many people involved in making such art even possible. It’s like a painting you love , you adore the finished art and the subjects painted in it but if it wasn’t for the painter/artist , or even the person who made the supplies to craft the painting, etc. etc. ..  your favorite masterpiece wouldn’t exist. I look forward to enriching my knowledge of directors so that I can answer this question one day with passion and truth. Meanwhile, Spielberg? Cameron? Ronnie Howard.

I would feel honored to work with any of the above artists I have mentioned, both in acting and music. To collaborate with and experience such talents in- person would be an experience that would expand me not only as a creative/ artist but, as a person as well .

Q:  You have had immense success on your first 10 songs with some of them going to be showcased in the series Dirty Faith and Shallow Love!  What inspired you to create these songs?

Tori Boltwood – A: I take my inspiration from my life; my experiences (both difficult and joyful) and from my creative imagination! I feel an emotion that needs to be expressed and so begins the musical weaving process around that core idea. Regarding the songs that are being focused on for future placement I’d be happy to breakdown their inspiration.

First, I LOVE YOU MORE was a song derived from a family experience and an episode of painful loss in my life. My beloved maternal grandmother passed in 2018 at the age of 94. Still mentally sharp and not really wanting to let go. It was my first experience of “letting go.” She was a constant in my life, a big supporter, and a source of unconditional love. It was a hard loss for me, and I channeled this emotional “crises” if you will, into a song that immortalized my “always love” for her. As for my single DROWN, inspiration came from a combination of an external fear (of deep water, the ocean, etc.) and an internal fear of falling in love and the vulnerability and risk that requires that “leap of faith.” It was almost a confessional song of fear and ultimately, finding the strength to overcome. Take the plunge!

Q: In film, What would you say is your fav genre in roles you would like to play (Drama, Comedy, Action, Thriller, Musicals … a little bit of all)?

Tori Boltwood – A: When it comes to acting, I find excitement in being privileged to try all sorts of diverse roles. I love the challenge.  When I write music, I strive to make each song a different experience.  I think as actors if you were to limit yourself to one genre. you would limit your growth and enjoyment that comes from a challenge. Challenges expand our abilities.

 I will say that I have developed a large obsession with fantasy fiction /action and Sci-Fi . I have always been a prolific reader and I could only find true engagement in works that were fantasy based.  Working with scripts that create new worlds is something that I dream about. I also adore that we have creatively blended (using technology and imagination)  all of those genres into evolving series/shows and movies… where fantasy is prevalent throughout the project.  Crafting new sub genres into the film industry is something I’m passionate about. That happens when you take different genres, sometimes those of which you couldn’t see blending ( like rom-com and zombies lol) and you end up making something that uniquely stands out. I want to challenge myself to be the kind of actor that understands the more diverse the roles you attempt? the more skills and depth you will develop as an actor. Everyone wants to play the main hero role, but I tend to think getting someone to truly hate you as the villain role is just as rewarding and, in some cases, more important. For example, take the legendary film Django Unchained, I truly think that the brilliant acting by Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Christopher Waltz was only truly brought to pure excellence by the contrasting and truly terrible villain that Leonardo DiCaprio brought to life with Calvin Candie. To be able to become a charter you yourself would hate if you met them, would be more difficult than acting the part of someone you would adore and love to play. I have played heroes , villains and even neutral characters in musical theater and have learned so much from these controversial roles.

Q: Can you share with us something people may not know about you?  Any hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time?

Tori Boltwood – A: Both myself and my twin brother, Nick, were born with Congenital Heart defects. I have had one heart surgery while my twin has had three open heart surgeries through his 26 years of life. I fully believe this element of our lives has taught us both that we are not to be controlled or defined by what others, including doctors, think should limit us . We have redefined and overcome what many have told us would be the limitations of our lives and, we have never settled to just accept the cards dealt to us . I think our heart journeys have made us stronger people who connect with life on a deeper, more mature level . Personally, for me as a kid who was told that I shouldn’t expect to live a long life I think it has made me dream bigger and live life more vividly in the moment. If you can beat the odds and exceed expectations of what people with medical degrees predict for you? then you don’t take to heart what random everyday people who try to tell you what you can or can’t do with your life and talents. That is for sure.  Watching my brother grow up and be an absolute hero throughout all his health struggles has made me a more compassionate and mindful (aware) person. To me the scars my brother and I carry have made us not be broken as some might think,  but instead make us even more durable and whole. We all have scars that make us who we are, visible scars and invisible scars carried on the inside.  I am proud to be someone who truly values my life and understands the gift that life truly is. On a fun note, I love to cook (I make a wicked good poke bowl) and adore animals. Five dogs in my household! I also love to write, read, make fine jewelry and travel (to name but a few.)

Q: What are some projects that you’ve just worked on in the past, or that you’re currently working on now?

Tori Boltwood – A: I am excited to say I have a new single coming out on September 23rd Called Immortal. I have begun my pre-save campaign with this latest song to develop better reach results on its release day. This latest release is really special to me as it was a piece I wrote when I was looking for answers within myself.  Immortal was a song that helped me through a period in my life when I was struggling with my mortality. I was having difficulty sleeping because I was so afraid of my life/ time slipping through my fingers. I think the pandemic mentality was heavy on many of us. Writing this song helped me regain my footing in that spiral. It helped me feel empowered to change my fear into motivation and to choose life instead of dwelling in the worry that I’m not living it well enough. It’s up to me (and only me, really) to make my life great.  So, with renewed energy, I resolved that I’m not done fighting for the many big dreams that live in my heart and soul.

Beyond this upcoming release, I am also working with my co-writer, Jameson Tabor, on an assortment of new musical pieces that I am really looking forward to finishing and planning out their release.

I currently have perhaps up to 3,000 voice memos on my phone just waiting to be used and crafted into songs and projects. I can’t wait to continue to explore my voice and musical vision as this year continues.

Regarding musical theater/ acting I was involved with many different productions. I have played leads and lead supporting roles throughout my college education in musical theater. One of my favorite shows I was a part of was A Christmas Carol -Performed with a full, pop orchestra at the SCF( State College Florida) Neel Performance Center years ago. I played the role of the ghost of Christmas present alongside the late Randolph Lock, who masterfully played scrooge. Though Randolph Lock is no longer with us he was one of the kindest , most talented people I have had the honor of sharing a stage with . Randolph Lock was an extremely accomplished world-traveled opera singer who performed so many featured roles with some of the world’s greatest opera companies. Watching him positively influence the lives of his vocal students at my college always amazed me . Everyone who met him left that encounter enriched by his kindness and light . He was truly a man of compassion with a heart of gold. He helped reassure me when I became overwhelmed with performing with a full orchestra for the first time during that show. He is one of the reasons I was able to get through one of my most channeling but rewarding musical parts.  I know he is missed greatly, and the music world will never forget the light he brought to his craft.

I was also a part of the jazz band as a vocalist at my college for a few years and enjoyed performing many fun filled shows with them. Performing with a jazz band is an energy that is hard to beat… full of life and musical moments that just take hold of you and ensure you have a great time performing. One of my last live performances in Florida before moving to Texas was a jazz show and I still hold on to that performance memory with joy and gratitude.

In the matter of future projects other than my independent releases I have also started to work alongside Ascendent Talent Management and Ubiquity Entertainment Corporation and have the privilege of some exciting prospective projects that I look forward to being a part of .

Q: What are your official social sites on the web we can follow ?

Tori Boltwood – A: You can of course follow me on Spotify under my artist name; Tori Boltwood .

My other top social sites are Instagram and TikTok both under the username Toriboltz.

You can also find me on Facebook under Tori Boltwood Music.

You can also find me on Facebook under Tori Boltwood Music.

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