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Daniela Casas is a professional dancer and model. Daniela has been dancing since the age of 11. She has performed and won many dance competitions, she also does own choreography. Her drive, motivation and talent for dancing is leading her in all the right places! Read below our exclusive interview with Dancer Daniela Casas:

Q: Where are your originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Daniela Casas- A: I was raised in Santa Ana, California and I am still currently living here.

Q: Daniela, you are a professional & experienced dancer! Most recently you starred in a music video, you’ve won dance competitions and you’re also choreographing many dances with hot new moves. At what age have you started dancing and what motivates and inspires you to be the best at your profession ?

Daniela Casas- A: I started dancing when I was about to turn 11 but I began taking my training much more seriously when I was 16. I’d say what motivates me the most are those who have doubted me even in the slightest.

Since the age that I started dancing is fairly late compared to many others and due to some benign medical conditions that have prompted physical weaknesses, I was not always the “best” dancer in every situation I found myself in growing up. However, negative and non-constructive criticism that I’ve received, whether it be from teachers or peers, have cut deep in the moment but the pain quickly mitigates. I feel that when I am faced with this a fire is ignited inside me, since I am the type of person who is fueled by others who talked derogatorily about me. “Just wait until I prove them wrong,” I always told myself, and then it was time for action.

More importantly, dancing for my own satisfaction rather than that of others is key to true happiness.

I am a firm believer that in life, the best feeling to be felt is to have my hard work pay off. By having dance as a career I am able to satisfy this craving for independent success, despite rejections that I will inevitably encounter.

I’m someone who is very introverted, not because I dislike being with others, but because I feel that I work most effectively under my own wing. Being dependent on myself to improve creates a sense of inner pride and accomplishment that will ultimately allow any of my successes to feel all the more worth it in the end.

Q: If you were to choreograph or be apart of any celebrity music artist concert or music video, which celeb would it be and why?

Daniela Casas- A: Touring with Justin Bieber is definitely my dream job. Although I’m not really a diehard Belieber, I really admire the reach that Justin has achieved as well as the universal extent of his loyal fans. A close second would be any job dancing for Beyoncé, because like Justin, she’s also achieved that “legend” status of my generation, comparable to Elvis the 50’s or Michael Jackson in the 80’s; all of them establishing a legacy that is to be commemorated decades later.

Q: Dancers are known for having great bodies because dancing itself is a very strong fitness exercise ! How many times a week do you dance and do you also have a separate fitness routine that you also schedule in?

Daniela Casas- A: Since graduating high school a year early, I have had infinite time on my hands to train rigorously. During what would have been my senior year, I launched a daily routine that consisted of four and a half hours of ballet training every weekday morning, followed by two different in-studio dance classes that focused on movement and execution. I would also fit in hour long cross training workouts with an emphasis on upper body at the gym twice a week. Added together, this totaled up to about 34 of dance training a week, or 7-8 hours a day. Once quarantine began, I continued this routine entirely inside my home, where we have an room we converted into my dance studio with full length mirrors on the closet. Since the completion of what would have been my senior year in 2020, I have dove into my creativity more on the daily and have been working on my choreography more often. As for my current training schedule, I do hour and a half long gym workouts three times a week, at home Pilates based workouts twice a week, dance combo classes 2-5 times a week, freestyle every weekday, and ballet whenever I have extra time. I work on my choreography whenever I am feeling inspired. I always allow myself two days out of the week for my body to rest and recover.

Q: Can you tell us something people may not know about you? Do you have any secret talents or hobbies you enjoy when your not dancing ?

Daniela Casas- A: I love gaming! When I am not dancing, I love relaxing by playing video games. My all time favorite game is Minecraft, and I’ve been playing it for about eight years. What I like about it is that in many ways I’m able to unleash my creativity, which also parallels my love for dance and choreography.

Q: Can we have a news update on what you’re working on now or what projects have you just wrapped up ?

Daniela Casas- A: I am currently getting ready to tour with LA Dance Magic convention as an assistant! I have many different new pieces that I am planning to start choreographing or have already choreographed that I just need to film, so look out for those on my social media!

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow ?

Daniela Casas- A: My Instagram is @daniela_casas22 and my YouTube is Daniela Casas

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