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Brittany Passion is an Actress, Model,  Host, Media personality, CEO, Lead Talent Scout for Ictelevision and currently brand ambassador of Zoretti clothing ! Brittany has been apart of many films, TV-Shows, and leading in theater plays. You may have seen her Co-hosting on Models of Nashville Fox 17 or her amazing dramatic performances on various roles on the popular TV One Cable channel. Brittany is highly motivated, talented and driven in all direction of the arts and business! Her motivation to succeed is inspiring and Brittany has some amazing projects in the works this year you need to check out! Read our exclusive interview below with Actress Brittany Passion:

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Brittany Passions actress

Brittany Passion – A: Hello, I am originally from Dayton, Oh, home of aviation so I was born ready to soar. Lol. I then moved to Nashville, TN for college and decided to stay for a bit. 2 years ago I quit my career and moved to Atlanta, GA.

Q: Brittany, you’re driven in all avenues of the arts and your energy is truly amazing! You’ve also been apart of many TV-Shows, Film, Theater, and Radio. What do you love most about acting ( rehearsal, performance, premiers)? ‘

Brittany Passion – A: Yes I have done a variety of shows/films and I am currently SAG- Eligible. Naturally, I’ve always been a character. Lol. For the most of my life I’ve been a performer in some capacity and have always had a huge imagination so honestly acting chose me. Truth be told, I love all of it. The adrenaline rush of theater is most rewarding though. However, the acting process as a whole, the preparation, the No’s, etc. all makes me a better person and essentially a better actress. Acting for me is a release and is about exploration. I love learning, growing, observing, discovering, and ultimately challenging myself. Naturally, I’ve always been curious about other people’s stories and I think it’s important to tell those stories whether good or bad. To me, it is all ministry and art and through doing what I love I hope to touch at least one person on and off camera. As I continue to train and develop my craft, I plan to use all of my talents, psych degree, a combination of life experiences and training to inspire my audience and bring realness to my roles.

Q: Who is your favorite actor or director that you admire and that you want to work with with in the future ?

Brittany Passion

Brittany Passion – A: Wow. Tough question because there are sooo many. Director wise I would say Tyler Perry, Karena Evans, Ava Duvernay, Ryan Coogler, Spike Lee, Gina Bythewood, Jordan Peele. As for actors, I would have to say Taraji, Phylicia Rashad, Viola Davis, Denzel, Will, Jada, Michael B Jordan, Zoe Saldana. These amazingly talented people have broken barriers, shifted the paradigm, and opened doors that I cannot wait to walk through. I feel that they should definitely be celebrated more.

Q You certainly have an edge on dramatic performances and an amazing personality for Media! What would you say is your fav genre of roles to play ( Drama, Comedy, Action, a little bit of all) & What are you looking to expand more upon in 2021 ( TV, FILM, Media Personality, Other Projects)?

Brittany Passions

Brittany Passion – A: So far drama has been my go-to and I find that I get booked for more drama roles especially in independent films and shows such as Fatal Attraction, etc. However, this year I would like to spread my wings and explore comedy and action more. Action is a huge goal of mine and I’ll be taking more stunt classes soon. I think I would be a badass assassin, spy, cop, or vigilante. In 2021, I am definitely diving heavily into more training so that I can land an agent and do more bigger name tv and film projects. I have a theater background but TV and film have really opened me up. And yes of course, I am a personality 24/7. It’s in me so of course I look forward to all the dope interviews with bigger name celebrities I will be doing and being able to share their stories in their own way.And last but not least I look forward to expanding my company, “The Passion Xperience” and launching my new skincare, wellness, and beauty line “Uphoric Xpressions”.

Q: You are the founder and CEO of The Passion Xperience! Can you explain to us more what The Passion Xperience is about?

Brittany Passion – A: Of course. So The Passion Xperience is an all-inclusive agency ,that combines modeling and media with mentoring and mental health. My company was created in 2016 and focuses on developing models into business minded women as well as dedicating their skills and talents to the mission of educating and empowering girls and other women of color who deal with mental health. The Passion Xperience focuses on helping girls and young women follow their dreams in the area of the arts and entertainment ( modeling, theater, fashion, film, etc) and sharing their passion with the world through transformation, motivation, stimulation, and inspiration. Transforming themselves to being the best version of themselves through self-care, inspiring others to be open minded and give back, stimulating the minds of the world through creativity and craftsmanship, motivating other girls/women to embrace their inner queen through self- confidence and mentorship. Our models and brand ambassadors use their platforms to help HBCU college students, foster care kids who are in the system or juvenile detention, and more. We also curate community events, workshops, conferences, training and small productions that tell our stories of struggle, sacrifice and success. I know that was a lot but I am truly passionate about everything I do which includes helping others reach their full potential.

Q: Can you share with us what projects you’ve just wrapped up or what new projects you’re working on?

Brittany Passions actress model
Brittany Passion on Set of Tyler Perry Studios

Brittany Passion – A: This pandemic has definitely put a damper on things in various aspects as it relates to the industry and production but for me, it has made my drive and hunger that much stronger. It has motivated me in ways that I didn’t see coming. It did put a stop to a few projects and stage plays I had lined up for 2020 but the good news is, I was still able to book a few roles during this time, got hired as a lead talent scout for a new streaming network, worked behind the scenes writing and producing virtual shows/events and more. It also gave me more free time to focus on taking classes, a lot of which was free at the time. Amen lol. But I just wrapped up season 2 of a web series entitled “On My Radio” where I am the lead and wrapped on a new show coming to BET+ executive produced by Tyler Perry but can’t say too much about it just yet. So stay tuned 🙂 I had the privilege of living in his “Camp Quarantine” bubble for 2 weeks and it was such an amazing experience.

Q: Can you share with us something people may not know about you? Any hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time aside from acting?

Brittany Passion

Brittany Passion – A: Hmmm… this is always a hard one because I am a private person. People usually see the business and entertainment side of me. Lol. Aside from acting, I enjoy cooking, traveling, event planning, nature, and anything self-care related. Most people don’t know I have 2 degrees in Psychology and Counseling, I am a pageant creator/director, I struggle with anxiety really bad and most of the time I do not watch the projects I am in because I hate seeing myself on camera. It’s so weird but I am learning to embrace that aspect so I can learn from my mistakes and get better. I am extremely hard on myself.

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow?

Brittany Passions

Brittany Passion – A:





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