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Exclusive interview with Beauty Mariela I’V – Triple Threat Actress, Model And DJ but wait have to also mention she is also a producer!

Mariela, also known as DJ I’V LOVE is an actress, model, DJ and producer. She has appeared in many commercials, she has experience in film, a stunningly beautiful portfolio in modeling, and she is also a talented DJ. To get to know more about Mariela, we did an exclusive interview on CelebzTreasure, read official interview below:

Q: At what age have you started acting and modeling?

mariella iv
Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A:  I started modelling at age 12 I use to say 14 but I always forget I did shoot in catalog shoots starting at age 12 for campaigns such as Kmart & JCPenney. My first runway show was at age 14 in California for a international hair show with top hair stylist’s of the world. As for acting I started at around the same age as well. I was always fascinated with the arts and theatre. My focuses on school growing up was theatre and the arts. But not to be confused I specialize in film as a actress not in the genre of theatre and TV. As a actor we have our niche we prefer to focus on, mine is film. My first feature film I was in was at age 16 in Colorado “Picture of a Portrait Perfect” what happened to this film not sure.

Q: Aside from your acting and modeling career, you are also a DJ. What led you to being an DJ and can you share some of your original top 3 fav mixes?

Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A: In my teenage years since I was 16 I always was in the scene of the rave industry, going to massive warehouse parties with top Dj performances in Colorado where I grew up. I always was very social and knew everyone by the time I was 19, that includes business owners of clubs, designers, beauty owners, magazine owners and the elite scene. I would DJ for fun if it was with a friend that would teach me or a after party. But I always was interested in being a actress and did attend Metropolitan State University of Denver so I was busy with school. I grew up in a family where I had to be doctor , a lawyer , a business type person for a career field as my sister , brother and most of my family work in the corporate and the professional field also have there masters. I was going to be a pediatrician but then studied Communication Design and a minor in fine arts and theatre. I started my own production at age 21 producing events and then my production grew to producing tours, photo shoots and producing film. I started producing events with my friends club at the time in Denver DC10 this is what always kept me In the industry of music as well. My friends that own this club are also the producers and owners of global dance festival which they throw huge annual Festivals yearly with top DJ’s. When I moved to LA because of my marriage in the past I was only focusing on my Actress career mainly but my modelling career always was what grabbed the spotlight and gave me lots of exposure. Music has always been a motivator for me and lives in me. I have my own pioneer equipment and enjoy making new remixes its meditative for me. I do compose my remixes in a theatrical way. Introduction, climax and then a conclusion of what I may feel or what is hot at the time. Music engineering skills. My top 3 remixes is many but I would say my recent one for Labor Day weekend that was a live set I did for Mix 247 Edm Vegas Radio & Twitch. You can listen to the set at

My other sets are on my SoundCloud as well another favorite is

I’m also on Mixcloud, Spotify and my website is updated consistently with what I’m doing currently and upcoming news. here you can find my acting, modelling and DJ portfolio. 

Q: Mariela you’ve had success in commercials, are you looking to book any specific type of roles in the industry?

Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A: I enjoy commercials but my focus is in film. With my production I have produced short films and acted as a lead that are edgier of my style. One of my films is “Tea Time” A British dark comedy and my current short film “Dolce Disposizione” a italian romantic comedy. I’m not the victim type of role , heroic , edgy , comedy , romantic, villain roles & thriller would be my genre of choice acting.

Q: Do you have any favorite movie actors or directors you aspire to work with someday ?

Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A: I would like to work Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Steven Spielberg to name a few Producers of my choice of style that I like.

Q: What are your official social media links so we can keep up online ?

Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A: I’m on it all Ig @marielaiv My DJ goodies Ig @djivlove Epk:
Direct link on website
You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook under Mariela I’V and DJ I’V LOVE

Q: Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A: I am always staying productive but I just finished DJing for Labor Day weekend, always doing shoots just finished one on Saturday. Since covid it has been limited with the acting side so I have mainly been DJing and Modelling. I recently got published on the cover for a popular Paris, France magazine “Roidx” . My recent short film “Dolce Disposizione” is in post production stage to be finalized. I am casted in a VO picture movie where I get to play a DJ 🙂 covid friendly. My agents are getting castings and sending me along potential opportunities. All covid friendly. Hopefully soon can resume to bigger film opportunities. But I’m keeping fresh with my acting by working with my acting coach online.

Q: What is the motto or phrase you live your career by?

Sim Fotos Ig @simfotos

MARIELA I’V – A: “Simplicity is the key to Brilliance. ““Create your vision and then go beast mode to achieve it” “Beauty is the illumination of your soul”

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