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RISING STARS REAL ESTATE: 30+ Year Experienced Broker Hamida Mohad!

Hamida Mohad is a 30+ year professional real estate agent, broker, and founder of Realty Pro brokerage, covering Southern California. Hamida is known for her experience in the industry as well as her warm and helpful personality when helping both buyers and sellers! She has special designations, including senior residential specialist ( SRES ) and probate real estate specialist. We had the chance to do an interview with Hamida Mohad. Read further to check out our exclusive Q & A below:

Hamida, can you give us some of your background in real estate? 

hamida mohad

Hamida Mohad -A: I started real estate in 1993 and became an agent, working with many real estate companies over time. In 2015, I got my broker’s license and opened my own brokerage called Realty PRO, where I’ve been practicing real estate in the same industry since 1993, covering everywhere from LA County to Ventura County, basically all over southern California.

Where are your clients normally based?

Hamida Mohad -A: All over southern California. My clients have been based out of Los Angeles County, Ventura County and more.

You are a very successful and experienced realtor! How did you get into real estate? 

Hamida Mohad -A: I was always attracted to the housing industry, and I’m a people person; that’s in my nature. Before I started real estate, I was so fascinated by the houses, and I went to open houses regularly just to see the houses. I was very interested in that. In 1993, I came across a significant elderly guy at an open house that was a real estate agent and by talking to him, he told me that you have this personality; you seem like you like people and you want to help people, why don’t you get your real estate license? I said, “Oh yeah’.  This guy injected in my mind the idea that why don’t you get your real estate license, you are already good at this.I was working in an insurance company at the time and left the insurance company to pursue a professional career in real estate. So I got my license and became a relator since 1993. 

What would you say your favorite part about real estate is? 

Hamida Mohad -A: The best part is that I get pleasure when I put the deal together, especially if it’s for a first time home buyer. I like to help someone own their dream home, and I get a special reward inside me every time it happens. I really get happy to help make a person’s dream come true and that’s the best part. 

What are you involved with in your spare time aside from real estate? 

Hamida Mohad -A: I have played table tennis sine 2010 after my client encouraged me to come to the senior center and play table tennis. I am a volunteer at the senior center as well.   I’m currently volunteering at the West Valley Garden Club to raise money for scholarship for unfortunate people who are pursuing a career.   

What is something that most people don’t know about you? 

Hamida Mohad -A: Im multilingual and also doing interpreting jobs for school districts, etc. I am fluent in Farsi, Pashto, Dari, Arabic and I really want to learn Spanish!



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