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Ben Ryan is a rising model in the fashion industry. He is known for walking the runway to being featured in many modeling shoots and magazine campaigns. Read below our Exclusive Q & A with Pro Model Ben Ryan!

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you current located now?

Ben Ryan – A: I was born and raised in a small town called Land O’ Lakes, just outside Tampa, Florida—a rather boring town with very little to do and not much to look at. These days, I find myself splitting my time between the warm vibes of Houston, Texas, and my favorite place in the world, New York City.

Q: As a professional model, what would you say you love most about modeling and the fashion industry?


Ben Ryan – A: Modeling isn’t just a career for me; it’s a platform for creative expression and a journey of self-discovery. The ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry pushes me to constantly reinvent myself, allowing each modeling opportunity to be a unique and deeply fulfilling experience. You can wear the same clothes twice, but you’ll never get the same photos twice.

Q: How would you explain your style off the runway ?

Ben Ryan – A: When I’m not modeling, you’ll likely catch me in comfortable athletic wear or keeping it simple with jeans and a plain t-shirt. Fashion is my second skin, but off-duty, comfort is key. I’d be fine wearing sweatpants for the rest of my life.

Q: Do you have a top 3 selection of fav designers that you admire and want to work with in the business?

Ben Ryan – A: My top three designer collaborations would be with Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and Dior—three legendary designers that create great looks for both modeling and everyday wear.

Q: Share with us something people may not know about you. What hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time?

Ben Ryan – A: Beyond the glitz and glamour, I’m a self-proclaimed nerd with an array of hobbies that keep my mind sharp. Whether it’s engaging in a game of chess, diving into video games, solving puzzles, or getting lost in a good book, I’m all about embracing activities that stimulate critical thinking.

Q: Do you have any new or recently finished projects?

Ben Ryan – A: Maine holds a special place in my heart after a recent photo shoot with the talented Carter Smith. The picturesque landscapes provided the perfect backdrop, which was featured in a cover for Man-X magazine—a milestone I’ll cherish as a highlight in my modeling journey.

 Q: What are your official social sites on the web we can follow?

Ben Ryan – A: You can follow me on Instagram @ben_ryan_official and Twitter @Ben_ryanOF