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Kelly Bagla is an experienced multi-degree attorney specializing in business law. She is known to be labeled as the ‘ Queen of Business Law’, ‘Attorney to the Stars’ and she specializes in high profile business matters for US and International Clients. Her book’ Go Legal Yourself’ is having great success including being ranked on Amazons Best Seller List and her Podcast is ranked on the top 20 list of Law Podcast in more than 25 countries. Hollywood Celebs need the best when it comes to business matters and Kelly Bagla is no doubt one of the best! Read our exclusive interview below with Attorney Kelly Bagla:

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

ATTORNEY kelly bagla

Kelly Bagla – A: I grew up in England and immigrated to the United States for college and-post graduate studies.  I’m currently based in San Diego, which is deservedly known as America’s Finest City. San Diego is a wonderful city to call home. We have a large military and veteran population, who I am so honored to work with, and support.  We also have a thriving small business community, along with some of the nation’s leading biotech companies. Of course, in San Diego, we also have our share of high-profile executives and celebrities.

Q: Kelly, you are an award-winning multi-degree lawyer known as “Queen of Business Law”, ‘ Attorney to the Stars’ and you are the author of the book ‘ Go Legal Yourself’. What would you say motivates you and inspires you to be the best at your profession? 

ATTORNEY  kelly bagla

Kelly Bagla – A: I’ve been driven to help others become their own bosses since I was a child.  Before I even really knew what a business lawyer did, I knew I wanted to help others to experience the pride of business ownership. 

My father worked for years in a factory, while I was growing up.  As the youngest of seven children, I was able to watch as he saved and strategized for years. He ultimately bought the company he had worked for, becoming a business owner.  His years of hard work, along with business savvy had put him in the position to do this.  

The pride I saw in him after becoming a business owner was so impactful. Plus, he had the support and loyalty of those who worked for him, because he’d worked side-by-side with them for years. I knew from that time that I wanted to help others have this same transformative experience.

As I studied in college, law school, and for my Master of Law degree, I learned just how many businesses failed. It became my personal goal to help as many businesses as possible to thrive.

Along the way, I realized that much like my father, who had walked in the proverbial shoes of the people he would ultimately employ, I would need to launch a business (or three!) to know what entrepreneurs are going through when they launch businesses.  So, I spent the early years of my career learning from some of the finest business attorneys around the globe. Then I went on to work at a small law firm to learn the ins and outs of small businesses. 

Before long, I launched my own law firm. I simultaneously invented and sold a toy, and finally launched Go Legal Yourself, an online do-it-yourself legal protection business formation company that is backed by business attorneys.  So, I know exactly how complicated it can be to start a business.  I also know how empowering it is to own your own business, so I am driven to help others thrive as business owners.

Q:  Hollywood celebs are constantly investing in new businesses. As a professional business attorney, what would you say is the hottest and wisest business market you see celebs investing in now? 

Kelly Bagla – A: It is very difficult to narrow it down to just one market. High-profile individuals and celebrities invest in all different industries.  Some that are particularly noticeable are tech startups and fintech companies. Well-known actors, rappers, musicians have invested in things like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Acorns, and Robinhood.  Likewise, consumer products are always popular with celebrities, who invest, endorse, and advertise for countless products ranging from personal care products, to travel items to alcohol brands, to designer fashion.  

More recently, it seems that high profile individuals are interested in AI, and I suspect that as the world adapts to life after the coronavirus pandemic, tech business will continue to dominate as workers continue in a remote capacity, either temporarily or long-term. 

Q:  From starting a successful law firm, to writing your own book, to being featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, CW, you have many accomplishments!   Can you share any memorable experiences or your day-to-day life as an attorney?

ATTORNEY kelly bagla

Kelly Bagla – A: Certainly, some of the most memorable experiences have involved my work as an attorney. Launching my own firm more than a decade ago was probably the most memorable experience.  Many people had suggested that I remain comfortable working for a firm, where I wouldn’t have to be both an attorney and a business owner. I disagreed. It is incredibly rewarding to be a business owner and to help other business owners as an attorney.  It takes a business owner to understand the needs of other business owners, which I do very well.

The release of my first book was also an incredibly memorable experience.  The release party was so lovely and marked a new milestone for me.  When my book became an Amazon best-seller, I was also incredibly humbled.  

But there are many, many things each day that are memorable. Helping international clients to establish a presence in the United States is extremely gratifying. Ensuring that young, brilliant minds protect their ideas from day one is satisfying each time I do it.  

In addition, I work extremely hard, but my husband and I take the time to appreciate the San Diego sunrise each day while walking our dogs.  We also take in the sunset, and the beauty surrounding us each night.  For me, the memories aren’t just in the big events, but in the everyday appreciation for what hard work has brought me. 

Q: Can you tell us something people may not know about you? Do you have any secret talents or hobbies you enjoy aside from law? 

Kelly Bagla – A: I was named Ms. Southern California in 2010!  I am a gym-rat and still maintain my professional bodybuilder’s card.  I work out every morning before most people are even out of bed.  (I also have an affinity for a nice glass of Bullet bourbon, in the evening as I unwind.) Additionally, I keep unique hours, as I work with clients across the globe.  I wake up before the sun comes up but go to bed quite early. That way I’m available to clients in a variety of time zones. 

But my main hobby is learning. I am constantly listening to audible books, seminars, lectures, and presentations while I’m working out, or doing yard work and home renovations.  I also believe travel is one of the best ways to learn new things, so I travel as frequently as possible.  Knowledge is power, so devoting my time to learning makes me a powerful advisor for my clients.  

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow?

ATTORNEY kelly bagla

Kelly Bagla – A: I’m everywhere!  You must be these days.  My law firm website is  Go Legal Yourself is online at My best-selling book Go Legal Yourself! is available through Amazon here, and so is my book Go Own Yourself! My podcast, Go Legal Yourself Podcast, which has been ranked a top 20 law podcast is also available in more than 25 countries. You can find it on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher and more, here.

On social media, you can find me on LinkedIn, and I’m also on Instagram at @golegalyourself6 or @kellybagla.