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Exclusive interview with the Stylish Raimondo Rossi

Raimondo Rossi, stage name Ray Morrison, is a Stylist & Photographer.

He has been chosen as “one of the 10 style-icons to watch” by the historic Swiss NZZ magazine, and photographed by GQ, Vogue and The New York Times for the sections dedicated to the best-dressed men of the Milanese Fashion Week.As photographer, Rolling Stone defined him as “one of the most original authors in the whole field”.

Q: Where are you originally from?

R.R – A: Hello guys, first of all thanks for the invitation, it’s my pleasure to be in your magazine. I’m from Italy and I’m always traveling between London, LA and Rome. I love to travel, it makes me meet so many amazing people.

Q: What most inspires your creativity and profession?

R.R – A: I find my creativity inside me. I don’t love to look at the works of other photographers or stylists, I prefer that everything comes from my inner world. This way, I can give a unique work to my customers and they can be sure they will be original and their outfits or portraits will be designed personally for them. I have experiences in all the main backstages of Fashion, from Armani to Prada or Off-White, therefore I ‘m full of colors and images inside me.

Q:  If you were to style a celeb at a Hollywood event, which celeb would it be and at which event?

R.R – A: I had my red carpets too, in London, Rome, Florence, LAFW and more. If I style myself, I change everytime, from elegant to dandy style, also hip-hop style. Creativity has no limits. About a super-celebrity, I’d love to style Cardi B or the Rock, because I’d love to give my touch to their outfits. Different from every way I saw them until now. Also, I’d love to style Emma Stone, she’s such a good actress. The event? The Oscars!

Q: What has been your favorite or most memorable project you’ve worked on?

R.R –A: I had some that I remember with pleasure. I’d say all my reportages from the fashion backstages in LA and Milan and probably my first direction of a shooting for a magazine in London. It was their de-luxe issue and I loved to take care of everything. I had all the precious collections designed by the “Accademia Costume & Moda”, which is ranked 5th in the most important fashion-schools in the world.

Q: Any new things you’re working on?

R.R- A: Yes, a work with Compulsive NYC and one with Cryptic Wisdom, the singer. Stay tuned because they are gonna be amazing! We’re pretty late because of the Covid 19, but hopefully things will be back to normal in a reasonable time!

Q:  What are your official sites on the web and what are your prices? 

R.R – A: The prices vary because I do photography or styling, and every project is different, but to see my work you can see my official page in Vogue Italy or google “Raimondo Rossi” or “Raimondo Rossi Vogue” and you find articles in magazines. Here are some international links:

Vogue Italy, gallery & bio:


The Found, Visual Art Center, China

Rolling Stone

(Ray’s first website) The Style Researcher