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Yolanda Pringle is an American Actress and Business Owner based out of NYC. She has started out in the arts at a young age and is one of the rising star actresses in the industry! Read below our exclusive interview with Actress Yolanda Pringle:

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you current located now ?

Yolanda Pringle – A: I was born in NYC and was raised in South Carolina. I currently live in Brooklyn.

Q: Yolanda you’ve started in the arts since high school and you are a rising star actress in film , How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Yolanda Pringle

Yolanda Pringle – A: Several years ago I decided I wanted something more, a bigger legacy to leave my kids. I went on one audition and fell in love with the art of acting.

Q: Do you have a top 3 selection of favorite actors, filmmakers or directors that you admire and want to work with in the business?

Yolanda Pringle – A: My tops are: Meryl Streep, Queen Latifah, Uta Hagen, and Tyler Perry

Q: As an actress, what would you say is your fav genre in roles you play( Drama, Comedy,Action, a little bit of all)  ?

Yolanda Pringle

Yolanda Pringle – A: I really love dramatic roles the best. Some roles i want/like to play are Police Officers, Mother, Grandmother. I would love to be in it all and do it all but dramatic roles just have a special place in my heart.

Q: Share with us something people may not know about you . What hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time aside from filmmaking ?

Yolanda Pringle – A:I love to volunteer for the elderly. I love to cook especially southern food. I love trying out new spices from around the world. Interior Decorating, tennis, golf, roller skating and exploring nature.I also have my own business “Good Ol’ Natural Oils”!

Q: Do you have any new or recently finished projects that you can share with us or any career goals in the future ?

Yolanda Pringle

Yolanda Pringle – A:I was part of the ensemble in the upcoming Netflix Film “The Harder They Fall”.I play the role of Lady in the Upcoming Short “Agent Zero”  I’m also part of the Ensemble in “Mister Sister” which is a really fun film I’m looking forward to watching.

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow?