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Andre Robinson is a young and talented American Actor experienced in Film, TV and Voice Over. Andre has booked over 40 different film projects and has 2 current projects lined up in development! He is rising to success in the film industry and being commanded for his roles with 1 award win and 3 nomination, most recently a Nominee for Best Performance in a Voice-Acting Role: Teen Artist for Sofia the First (2012) ,  for The Loud House (2016) ,  for What They Got Right (2017) at the Young Artist Awards in Hollywood, CA. Read our exclusive interview below with Actor Andre Robinson:

Q: Where are you originally from and where are you located now on the map?

Andre Robinson – A: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA where I currently reside.

Q: Andre, you are a young actor known for being apart of many Films & TV Series productions such as Wonder Park with A Listers Jennifer Garner & Mila Kunis, ‘Rim of the World’ on Netflix and TV Series including Known for The Loud House (2018-2020)Niko and the Sword of Light (2015-2019)Doc McStuffins (2014-2016)Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019-2020)! What do you love most about acting ( rehearsal, performance, premiers)? ‘

actor andre robinson
Actor Andre Robinson at the Young Artist Academy Awards

Andre Robinson – A:  The majority of my work is voiceovers and I love bringing life and personality to the characters during the audition and in the recording studio.

Actor Andre Robinson Inside Studio V.O

I also love being on set. I always meet the most amazing people and I’ve developed some great friendships as a result.

Q: Who is your favorite actor or director that you admire and that you want to work with with in the future ?

Andre Robinson – A: My favorite actor is Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob, and I had the great honor of working with him on the Niko and the Sword of Light series on Amazon Prime. He was my sidekick. On camera, my favorite was Chadwick Boseman. It crushed me when he passed away. May he rest in peace.

Andre Robinson at Comic Con Panel

Q What would you say is your fav genre of roles to play ( Drama, Comedy, Action, a little bit of all)?

Andre Robinson – A: My number one favorite is voice acting and within that genre, action is my favorite. On camera I’d also lean towards drama and action.

Actor Andre Robinson with the cast & Actor Tom Kenny Voice of Spongebob

Q: Can you share with us something people may not know about you? Any hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time aside from acting?

Andre Robinson – A: Something people may not know is that I was born with a hole in my heart and had open-heart surgery at 7 months old. When I see the scar, it teaches me to appreciate life. In my spare time, I love bike riding, playing checkers, and I absolutely LOVE playing PS4 with my friends.

Q: What are your official sites on the web we can follow?

actor andre robinson

Andre Robinson – A:

Twitter: @andrerobinson_2

Instagram: @andrerobinson2

Facebook: @andrerobinson2nd


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