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Jason Flowers is an American Actor with a BA degree in Acting from Seattle’s University of Washington School of Drama. Jason is rising to success in the film industry being apart of over 50 Film and TV-series productions! Read our exclusive interview below with Actor Jason Flowers:


Q: Where are you from and where are you located on the map now?

Jason Flowers – A: I was born and raised in East Baton Rouge parish, Louisiana. So yeah, I’m proud southern country boy deep down, and love everything New Orleans. Who Dat!!! Although I have also lived throughout the South Pacific and the Pacific Northwest, which every place that I have lived has each given me and built rich and wonderful life learning experiences. I currently live and survive here in Los Angeles.

Q: Jason, you are a well trained actor earning your BA in acting from Seattle’s University of Washington School of Drama and since then you’ve starred in many great films and TV-Shows! What inspires and motivates you to be the best in your profession?

Jason Flowers – A: Yes, I really cherish those college days in Seattle. They really built a great foundation for my craft in so many ways. I really learned the value of meditation, positive visualization techniques, character study and the importance of staying focused in the present moment. The guidance from all the amazing and creative professors, graduate student TAs, and fellow students/friends were a great inspiration and motivation for me. And an interesting little tidbit fact about those days, I had the honor of studying with and under the funny, great and talented, Joel McHale. I also find a lot of inspiration from all types of other artists, great thinkers, and even in nature. One of the greatest motivations I get from being an actor is when I am given those blessed opportunities to place myself in an infinite amount of situations and play all types of characters. I guess that is what I enjoy the most about being an actor, because I don’t really think of my normal day to day activities as being that exciting.

Q: Who is your top 3 selection of favorite actors, filmmakers or directors that you admire and want to work with in the business?

Jason Flowers – A: I really dislike any question asking me what or who are my “favorites.” There are so many great actors, filmmakers, directors, artists, musicians, and people in general that I admire and who I have worked with in the past and would love to work with in the future, that I
won’t really say I have favorites, especially “top” 3. But just to give y’all a sense of my wide range of tastes, in no particular order and off the top of my mind right now, I’d say: Michel Gondry, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, and Colin Trevorrow. And that’s just a fast thought of on directors and isn’t even including any other types of creatives such as actors, writers, producers, musicians, etc.etc. (lol, next)

Q: As an actor, what would you say is your fav genre in roles you play( Drama, Comedy,Action, a little bit of all)  ?

Jason Flowers – A: Again, I guess I would say a little bit of all genres. Although, I do enjoy well written dark comedies, sci-fi, and psychological thrillers. I even like black & white or indie art films (lol). As long as they have well developed characters and stories, I am usually creatively and artistically drawn to them. That is what inspires me.

Q: Share with us something people may not know about you . What hobbies or other secret talents you have and or like to do in your spare time aside from filmmaking ?

Jason Flowers – A: I have always enjoyed painting (mostly with acylics). It is very therapeutic and a great creative outlet for me.

I also enjoy collecting art, photography, and long road trips in my car. I taught myself to juggle three balls within five minutes. I like to play around on the harmonica and even sometimes think I can jam pretty good while listening to some of the great blues, country, or rock musicians (lol).

Q: What are your official sites on the web?

Jason Flowers – A: Currently seeking representation. Please Follow. Let’s be friends, collaborate, work together, and ride this wave together we all call “Life” Thanks, Jason